Vacation Bonus Post

Welcome to a vacation bonus post!
Why a bonus post? Because I forgot to include some doodles I did while on our trip. so, I thought I’d put together a bonus post with the doodles along side some photos we took of the things in those doodles~
So, without further delay, doodle ahead!

Some trees and forestry robot doodles/concepts.
The blue one is an emergency rescue-bot, the green one next to them is a forest health inspection-bot, and the fellow near the bottom is a fire surveillance-bot (they’re attached to a watch tower).
Different plants I saw while walking the trails (+1 Banana Slug).

I didn’t get any pictures of the burnt hills, I was busy doodling down the scene while Kiades drove. I did get a photo of the lake though.
These were terrible, minus the turtle in the upper right. I was doodling these in a very dark and crowded room. Worth it though.
I loved the cephalopod exhibit. Sadly it’s closed now, but they do have the deep sea exhibit still going. These little guys were awesome.