The following links are comics created and owned by Cas Kamachi.

Mechanical Hearts Synthetic Flowers

The story follows the lives of Valerie Genevieve, a short and scrappy ex-police woman, and Frank Carrfrim, an old android with even older memories, two private detectives sleuthing the dirty streets of the mega city Nuit.
Both gum shoes are on their last chance and have to rely upon each other, and though it’s not at all bad, Carrfrim has begun fighting with human sensations he thought were long gone.

Mercury Grin – Coming Soon
Street punks and vigilantes.
A young woman named Gloria with an undocumented ability, along with her pyrokinetic sidekick Jimmy, live their lives one day at a time. Some days are harder than others, and some days your inner monsters decide they’ve just had enough.

The Unlucky Crow – Coming Soon

A nervous new receptionist, a plague mask wearing undead man with amnesia.
A story about a detective named Crow looking into the biggest case he’s ever had, finding who and what he-himself was.
Under the surface, there is far more to Nuit than meets the eye.