Hello! Cas here!
I wanted to give some updates not just for this site but also an update for my side-site, which contains the first of three major webcomics I wish to create/produce.
Oh! Also, before I forget I would like to share an update concerning my Ko-fi site! AKA I have one (You can click this handy-dandy-link or the link on the site bar!)
Every cup of coffee you buy me is much appreciated! Seriously, I don’t have the words to describe how much it means to me!

As for the site, I’m still working on it!
I know it’s.. Not the best news, but it’s coming along slowly.

I’m also back to searching conventions again!
2020 took a big toll on everyone, my partner and I included. Moral (and morels) have been at an all time low, but since the new year I’ve been trying to pick up steam again. Now, I know I won’t make it to any of the con’s this year, but perhaps next year will look better!
Meanwhile, hopefully, with some better motivation we can get this site (and the other site) in better working order!
Speaking of the other site, more below.


Webcomic website!
Mechanical Hearts Synthetic Flowers is a comic that means a lot to me. These characters and their story are dedicated to my spouse (even if he doesn’t want to accept it) and they mean a lot to me. I hope you enjoy this odd story about Private detectives, robots, mutants, ex cops, and people maybe dealing with a little infatuation.

– Cas The Monster